The classic rose is the most popular model. It's the perfect compromise between time to build and the complexity of detail. It takes between 10 and 15 minutes to make monochrome or two-tone flowers with direct or indirect assembly.

It is also possible to make a classic rose with multicolored design, each part of the flower can be different colors and therefore very customizable. This requires to build each of them before assembling them. There are more detail in that  work and the time to build the flower is longer according to the organization of the quantity and the complexity of the detail that need to be realized.

The green-red patterns are very realistic and very attractive because they are reminiscent of the real original rose. We are therefore very easily seduced.

The original and sometimes fanciful colors are very effective. We all have different tastes and when we leave the choice of colors to the eager, explosive mixtures make their appearance for the pleasure of the eyes.


 Rose classique rose blanc.png    Rose classique rose vert.png    Rose classique vert blanc.png



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