Rose spirale feuillie blanc bleu.jpg

The idea came to me when I was interested in the possibilities of improving the spiral rose while trying to keep this fantasy aspect that comes out of the imagination.

At first I thought about adding three or four limbs to the spiral and then it seemed more interesting to provide the spiral with limbs along its length. This would give the feeling of a flower nestled in its leaves.

The first step is to make the limbs. This is the longest part because it takes on average twenty limbs to make a medium spiral that can wrap a turn along the stem. This preparation may take half an hour. In addition, if we scrupulously respect the philosophy of the concept, that is to say, we use no material, the twenty limbs will require the use of 5 layers of paper towel since we use the four right angles of each napkin to make them. But if it we do not like waste, which is my case, two layers at most will be sufficient if we decide to cut into small pieces with scissors.

The important thing is that the use of the scissors is only an aid to the preparation in order to save time or avoid waste and must in no way compromise the fact that the execution is entirely manual.

The limbs are then integrated one by one to the cord (petiole) during its construction. There are no rules regarding the arrangement of the leaves but it is possible to work the alignment as well as the gaps between each limbs.

Thus, if you have leaves of different colors, it is possible to create combinations at will.

Once the foliage of the spiral is finished, we start the final assembly by fixing it first on the upper part of the stem. Then we twist it around the stem on its two thirds then we fix the lower part of the foliage before finishing the assemby of the last third of the stem.

The very first leafy spiral flower.

Pemiere fleur spirale feuillie-1.jpg    Première fleur spirale feuillie-2.jpg
Then I tried to bring other ideas by making another flower with a longer and denser spiral of yellow leaves. See the photos below.
10629244_338791852964954_365073238110410    Fleur Reggae-1.jpg
Fleur reggae-2.jpg   


In a smaller format, I built the flower below


 The mastering of the technique enables me today to build the flowers below

Rose spirale feuillie rouge jaune vert.P Rose spirale feuillie vert blanc.png Rose spirale feuillie bleu blanc.png

Rose Spirale de feuilles Mr F .jpg

Rose spirale de feuilles.jpg