Philippe Chapon is a gourmet restaurateur specialized in cooking fruits and flowers. I met him in a bar i use to go and where i'm also know as the man who makes nice paper flowers. Philippe was interested since we had a common denominator. He wanted to meet me to learn more and to consider a common project.

So we had a constructive exchange where Philippe submitted his desire to see my flowers participate in improving the service of his restaurant.

Among other things, I had to produce a dozen flowers a week that he could use as a decoration or offer to his best customers at the time of the bill. The icing on the cake for them! The idea pleased me a lot! In order to thank me, Philippe invited me from time to time to taste his delicious cuisine. So, I was able to eat flowers for the first time in my life.

It lasted a few weeks and because of unavailability, I could not guarantee him the production of these flowers. The idea came to me to offer him the table of flowers that I had previously exhibited during the street party. However, half of the flowers were missing since I had offered them during this event. So I made new flowers to reconstruct the 64 roses for the table that I then offered him.

A perfect gift that had to be on display all the time to create an attraction in the restaurant.

The painting is visible at Tamarillos, 2 place of the flower market, 34000 Montpellier.

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