The Street Party Montpellier is an event regularly organized by an association of traders street of Fontaine de Montpellier.

So there are various activities: tastings, dance sessions, live music, small fashion shows, art exhibitions...

On this event, the bar La Petite Scène offered me to show my flowers in front of the entrance because it would be an attraction to the bar and secondly it would allow people to discover my art. I made 64 flowers in a week that I exposed on a polyurethane plate. This material offers both lightness and robustness.

I just had to expose them and build some on the spot to show the manual work.

None of the flowers are alike if only by color. The models on display are just basic and classic roses. At that time, I had only developed these two designs. The rest came later.

At the end of the event, I offered half of the flowers to passers-by in exchange for a picture to post on the Facebook page.

For my part, it was a real test where I could measure the interest of passers-by to my talent. It is a motivating factor that makes me want to continue and develop this small activity.


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