For the transport of flowers, I opted for cardboard boxes with sufficient dimensions to contain them and ensure their protection during transport and storage.

The dimensions are according to the size of the flowers. The diameter of their flower does not exceed 5 cm in general from where the depth of the cardboard to 5cm.

There are currently 2 formats:

-small size: 25cm x 17.5cm x 5cm which can hold two flowers

-large size: 32cm x 22.5cm x 5cm that can hold up to four flowers




The protection principle is such that we install two V supports on which the flower rests. A third flexible support fixed on the movable part of the box presses the flower on the middle of the stem during closing. The flower is completely blocked by this system and will not move as long as the box remains closed.

Boite de t ransport-5.jpg

The flower is perfectly protected in its box. If you do not know where to put it, you have the option to leave it in. It will be very well preserved as well. If you decide to display it as a decoration, you can also apply conservation tips to keep your flower in good condition for a very long time.