The first time I've seen a paper flower, it was at the beginning of the spring of 2012 in a bar in Hamburg. Me and my friends were out and there was that guy at the counter that was making something. Once he was finished, he proudly showed us his creation. He noticed my surprise and spontaneously gave it to me. The picture shown above shows the exact paper flower that he made with one of the disposable napkins that were available on the bar counter.



Back then, I thought it was amazing. After looking at it closely, I ended up giving it to a young woman who seemed to want it even more than I did. Soon after, when I was interested by various tricks, I unexpectedly ended up watching a video of a magician who was making the same paper flower in a few seconds for a magic trick.

This was the base I used to learn making it. Thus, I often lightheartedly offered my little creations to women when I was going out at night at restaurants and other places.

As I was regularly making them, I slowly found ways to improve the way I assembled them for the purpose of making them more complex and realistic.

This is how it became one of my hobbies, and I was able to progressively develop my ideas. It took two years for my technique to improve enough to be able to make a realistic and durable little paper flower that clearly looks like a rose in 5 minutes (see below). The idea of making paper roses naturally came from that.




I realized that I had developed a talent that was probably unique and that I had to do something with it. First, I had to check if other people had the same technique. After a lengthy research, I only found a few videos showing flowers made with a similar approach but with a much less refined result compared to my creations. To this day, I still do not have any competition in this field.

So I decided to create my concept My Lovely Paper Rose which stemmed from my inventions of techniques allowing the creation of very complex paper flower shapes by hand.

This is a concept of original creations showcased on Facebook since March 2014 and copyrighted as to claim its ownership. Its purpose is to create complex paper roses in only a few minutes with nothing more than your hands and a minimum of two layers of paper napkin easily available at local stores. I developed my concept by creating several techniques of assembly starting from a base of a minimum of two layers of paper napkin to create simple or complex rose designs, which are either monochrome or two-toned, or, by using napkins with more layers for other rose designs, multicolored and more complex. Thus, my creations are the result of the development of my unique assembly techniques.


The originality of the concept especially comes from the fact that the roses are rigorously created without any sort of equipment like glue, scissors, wires, etc… Why? Because the idea is to create a kind of magic by achieving a discreet instant transformation. Finding quickly some materials can be very tricky in some situations and they can be cumbersome so we have to do without and see what we can do by only using our hands in this manufacturing process. All we need is one two layered paper napkin and of course our hands. The manufacturing process allow the papers to directly attach themselves to each other without needing any glue. It is to be noted that a well-made flower is extremely durable and does not undo itself with time.


All the eventual cuts are made only by hand.


The techniques and assembly tricks regularly evolve, so we can not only make unconventional designs, but also take way further the complexity of the details (see below).


I thought I had found the limits of this method until I realized that imagination knows no bounds. Often, the ideas didn’t come from be but from people around me that I ended up finding very interesting to exploit.

To this day, I not only keep developing assembly techniques, always without using any equipment, but I also try to give a deeper and more artistic aspect to my creations by creating panels composed by varied and daring designs. The exploration is endless and new works regularly come brighten up the My Lovely Paper Rose world that you will be able to discover by browsing through this website.