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The initial culmination of my technique allowed me to create the very first design of the paper rose. All the following models are derived from the evolutions and improvements that have been made to it. This is the basic design from which other forms have developed to date.

The basic rose is a well done minimalist rose, not very complicated to achieve and easily customizable.

It is very quick to do, less than five minutes and is an ideal solution when for example you don't have that much time or when you want to cause a quick surprise effect.

It is composed of a head, a main stem and two leaves.

There are two ways to make it. The first is to assemble it directly at once, whereas with the second method, each part of the rose is made separately first before final assembly. This second way of welding the rose differs from the first to a few details. However, it allows on one hand to color the flower by using pieces of towels of different colors and secondly to integrate the leaves anywhere on the stem. It is possible to customize according to your desire. In addition, this method allows to build a smooth stem and make it more homogeneous without impacting its strength. Roses are generally aesthetically better finished.

It takes at least a paper towel with two layers to make this rose.




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